Elon Musk: Part 2 of Tesla "Master Plan" Coming This Week

This Monday, Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla Motors, announced on Twitter that he would be publishing the results of his work on a “Master Plan part 2” later this week. This comes a decade after he unveiled a “master plan” to turn Tesla Motors into a powerhouse.  So this tweet brings about a lot of speculations on what will be coming from Musk’s drawing board.

This comes during a moment where Tesla Motors has been in the middle of a controversy surrounding their autopilot vehicle.  A driver of a Model S died in an accident while the car was on autopilot.  This brought about a high profile feud between Musk and Fortune Magazine, which has pronounced itself skeptical with Tesla’s autopilot technology.  Musk responded through social media and the company even published a blog post titled “Misfortune”.

The other storm surrounding Tesla is their acquisition of alternative energy company SolarCity.  This was not really applauded by Wall Street.  Last week, Musk said that they had only delivered 78% of the cars built in the second quarter.  There are still conversations on whether or not this was a profitable deal for Tesla. To top it off, there have been questions of nepotism since Musk is cousin of both co-founders of SolarCity.

Now this new announcement by the electric car maker actually started some serious speculations. Tesla’s shares went up 4% higher that same Monday when Musk tweeted the mystery plan.

In 2006, Musk published a blog post giving details of his first master plan. In it, he explained the vision for the automaker.  He gave details on the plan to increase the value of Tesla. Ten years later, after making the company worth $33 billion, one can say that the plan played out pretty well. Hence, there is a lot of expectation on what Musk may reveal about this “Master Plan, part 2”.


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