FCA close to developing a baby jeep

The Renegade, a subcompact SUV, is now Jeep's smallest model. However, Jeep is giving a serious thought to the idea of developing an even smaller version, given the name of the "baby Jeep". 

Jeep's boss, Mike Manley told Automotive News that if this model gets the green light, it will be targeted to customers in Europe and other regions where very compact vehicles are very popularThis does not include the US. 

But the idea of an even smaller Jeep is not a new oneSome sources have revealed that FCA has had the idea of an entry-level-Jeep since early 2017.  The project has been put on and off several times since then.   

How Small? 

When you take a look at the Renegade, you will probably ask how small can this Jeep be? Will it be a car for antsWell, according to a report from La Stampa, the "baby" Jeep will be shorter than 4 meters.   

This car could be produced in Jeep’s owner Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' factory in Pomigliano, by Napoles. This platform, where the Fiat Panda, the 500, and Lancia Ypsilon are produced, is the auto manufacturer’s smallest.  

But some of these brands would have to be moved to the plant in Poland to give some space for the production of the "baby" Jeep.    

Why So Small? 

When a company like Jeep makes these types of moves, there has to be a high demand and they are planning on supplying it.  With so many expenses on the maintenance of a car, it is usually better to be economic and that is the kind of thought that Jeep wants to tap into.  

There is a rather high demand in Europe for compact vehicles that actually have a spacious interior.  That is a secret of a small vehicle precisely.  To make the car look bigger inside than it does outside.   

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