Ford Recalls 250,000 F150s for Faulty Brakes

For almost four decades now, Ford has been manufacturing one of the most popular vehicles in the United States and the best-selling vehicle in the world, the F-Series pickup trucks. One of the primary attributes that gives these vehicles an upper hand in the market is that they are economical on fuel and their transmission system is unequal to no other.

The only problem of having a vehicle that is so popular and top-rated is that if an issue comes up, the cost of fixing it can start to add up quickly. That is the problem facing Ford right now. They have been forced by circumstances to recall more than 250,000 F-150 trucks due to faulty breaks that were installed during the assembling process.

The affected models are the F-150 2014 and 2013 models that come with a 3.5-liter twin turbo EcoBoost V6. Tests have proved beyond reasonable doubts that the master cylinder can leak brake fluid into the booster and this can cause the front brakes to fail. To date, NHTSA has received 107 complaints from clients and nine crashes that may have been caused by this issue have been reported.

One of the customers who filed a claim hails from Arkansas; he claims since purchasing the truck, he has rear-ended other cars three times despite stepping on the brake pedal. An eyewitness also reported to NHTSA that he saw an F-150 truck crash without braking in spite of the fact that the brake lights were on.

To solve this problem, a new master cylinder and booster will be installed on all the trucks. This process will cost the automobile company millions of dollars and the amount of time that it will take to correct this mistake are yet to be revealed. It is also important to point out that F-150 trucks have reduced small overlap crash ratings in the market today, so try not to crash into any rigid or small objects to minimize the damage.


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