Honda Declared no hire from outside to boost up their F1 fortune with McLaren

Their master partnership had witnessed a series of wins in the 90’s. But now the glorious days of Honda-McLaren is not remained the same! After 2013, they haven’t won any races and as declared by McLaren they are running out of finances to control their F1 fortunes. 

Right this point of time Honda has clearly mentioned they are not going to hire any outsider who can boost up the dying partnership and set it back to the track after around 4 years of constant losing. 

The all new V6 turbo Hybrid engine created by Honda can’t stand in competition with the technology of the champions Ferrari and Mercedes, but Yasuhisa Arai, the Honda motorsport boss is optimistic about the new engines. Let’s see how it goes. When Arai was asked about the new recruits- he said that there is no sign of that and he will be leading his program all by his own in spite of a poor start of Honda. 

Is it the lack of success damaging McLaren??
Maybe so according to sources-the company hasn’t won any car race after the final grand prix of the 2012 season. Neither had they achieved any title sponsor after Vodafone after their contract ended towards the end of 2013. 

The racing director of the team Eric Boullier said "The damage is obviously easy to understand”. 
Still, withstanding all odds- all the Honda Fans are looking forward to their next win in the F1 track once again and hopefully the engines can be trusted on the tracks to give a tough fight to the Ferrari and Mercedes simultaneously.


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