Jaguar to build new version of the 1950s D-Type Roadster.

Over the past few years, English automaker Jaguar has treated its fans to a couple blasts from the past.


In 2014, they re-released a very limited run (i.e. six total vehicles) of Lightweight E-Types. They followed that up in 2017 by (re?)-releasing the XKSS (a total of nine of those were produced).


Now, this year the company has their sights set on a new run of 1950’s style D-Type Roadsters. The plan is to produce 25 of them with buyers able to select either the 1955 model (shortnose) or the 1956 model (longnose).


When Jaguar first introduced the D-Type, they announced a plan to build 100 of them. Unfortunately, before they could reach that number, a fire claimed their factory and stopped production. According to their records, Jaguar claims to have built 75 during the initial run and intends this new batch to satisfy their original target.


As expected from Jaguar, the D-Type is sleek and eye-catching. Of particular note is the unique fin behind the driver’s seat. However the body isn’t just for show. It was engineered using aeronautical technology to be as competitive as possible.


And competitive it was. During its brief production run (1954-1957) the D-Type, with its aerodynamic frame and 3.8L engine, was driven by back-to-back-to-back Le Mans champions (’55-’57).


While no set price on these 25 new vehicles has been publicly announced, if the last two “continuations” are any indication, they can be expected to go for roughly £1 million each.


Because they’re being built using the original 1955-1956 factory specifications, none of the cars will be street legal and are only intended for use on racetracks or private roads.

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