The architecturally marvelous design and a curvy, eye-catching look with amazing stuff are prepared to astound everyone to fell in love in the first look. The most wanted Lamborghini Veneno is the best ever Sedan in the automobile history. Its sporty look and a rock star body with built-in sensors are examples of re-establishing a new era in the arena of extreme cars. This was engineered to make the company’s 50 years of golden jubilee memorable and historic. 


The Veneno roadster can leave behind even the Seven Wonders of the World with its praiseworthy sleek and sturdy look. The Lamborghini’s DNA is reunified with its extraordinary exterior designing to provide an unparalleled visual experience. It is an aerodynamic silhouette, which in combination with the most scientific material, the carbon fiber represents it as a lightweight vehicle providing a unique riding experience. The front bonnet is shrunk with a huge rear bonnet containing the engine.


The interior is designed to deliver the best in class smooth experience with carbon fiber dominating even inside. The two lightweight front bucket seats are made from Lamborghini’s signature patented leather composition. The fine curvy dotted lines along the whole interior body represent its unique textures. The controlling console consists of everything that a rider requires the state-of-the-art electronic skill.


It is not only a collector’s masterpiece of engineering and design but also a massive smooth racing prototype built to provide the best ever riding experience. The VENON has a 6.5liter V12 engine capable of delivering 750 horsepower of muscular output. It can easily achieve a speed of 60 mph within 3 seconds extendable up to a tremendous top speed of 220 mph. All the wheel force produce is transferred to an inbuilt ISR transmission to provide the best in class performance with smoothness.


This is the most exclusive car with just 9 prototypes made in 2014 and it is also awarded as the most expensive car in the history. Truly, Sky is the limit for Lamborghini VENON Roadster. The company has made all the luxuries of its best car available at a price of 7 million USD significantly more than its usual starting price of 4 million USD.

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