Incredible design, stylish interior, remarkable grip and steady controlling are the signature of Audi’s flagship A8. The arrival of a modernized, elegant, updated model for its best car segment has taken it to a level in the peak of the automobile market. The all new Audi A8L is set to capture the sedan market with unique fixtures and functions.

Formation & Design

The A8L has an updated headlight capable of creating up to one billion light configurations to consistently adapt to changing localities. Its indicators are engaged with dynamic display panel where linearly arranged Light Emitting Diodes are sequenced in a better way to send turning signals. The interior is equipped with traditional wooden furnishing representing a royal club look. 24 high definition speakers are engraved throughout the inner chassis to provide high definition luxury and peace while traveling. Along with it panoramic sunroof, Adaptive air suspension, ventilation and massage function for the seat defines a state-of-the-art engineering of Audi A8L.


The Sedan has a TFSI petrol engine and two TDI diesel units. The TFSI unit is supplied with 4 liters bi-turbo V8 engine delivering an output power of 435 hp. The two TDI diesel units are equipped with 3 liters and 4.2 liters engines delivering a power of 250 hp and 385 hp respectively. The torque has been increased by 30 N-meter while fuel efficiency is notably developed by 20 percent. It has an eight-speed gearbox with Quattro all-wheel drive in it’s each model. Audi’s Drive Select function as a standard enhances the flexibility of its riding.

Audi A8L features an executive rear seating experience with power footrest and massaging function, updates every definition of rear-seat comfort. Audi MMI® comes with a touchpad attached assembling all accessibility requirements. It is also loaded with a 360-degree park assist function which gives the user a top view via MMI and helps in parking at difficult places.

Final Overview  

The Audi A8L with modernized functions and unique gadgets is all set to get an innovative award from the occupants. The price is reasonable for this advanced technology and purified splendid look starting at 1.12 Crore rupees. Details are given bellow:

             Version                             Ex-Showroom Price

Audi A8 L 50 TDI
2967cc Diesel, Automatic, 16.77 km per liter:     1.17 crores

Audi A8 L 60 TDI
4134cc Diesel, Automatic, 7.5 km per liter:     1.33 crores

Audi A8 L 60 TFSI
3993cc Petrol, Automatic, 7.4 km per liter:     1.38 crores

Audi A8 L W12
6299cc Petrol, Automatic, 4.7 km per liter:     1.87 crores





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