Tesla Model S Sedan for 2015

If you like sports cars, you hate the environment. At least this was the thing before Tesla. The reason why sports cars are not good for the environment is their engines. They are big, they use a lot of fuel and they make a lot of pollution. Tesla, changed this. It is a sport car that runs only on the electricity, so it doesn’t cause any pollution at all. People usually believe that electric cars are slow and ugly, but this isn’t case with Tesla.
Tesla model S has an excellent battery range. Much better that other electric cars. Also, it has impressive performances. In many cases it is better than petrol powered cars.
It has some potential reliability issues and many people avoid it because it is an electric car.
This car has 1-speed Direct Drive transmission. Because it has a lot of torque, the acceleration is much better than on conventional cars. Tesla Model S has independent suspension on all 4 wheels, so it is very good in cornering. Inside, you have bucket front seats that are 8 way powered.  In order to feel nice, passengers have at their disposal: clock, trip computer, external temperature display, 4 one-touch power windows and cruise control. Of course, this isn’t all what this car has.
The main purpose of Tesla Model S is to save the environment. It doesn’t make any pollution at all, and it is practical. With one charge, you can travel 208 miles. And this is for the cheapest version. Also, you get 4 years of warranty or 50.000 miles. The battery has a 8 years warranty.


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