Why the Tiguan has attracted buyers since 2007

The Volkswagen Tiguan is one of the most popular SUV that came out in the last decade and for good reasons too. With radicle features, this car is a complete package and a total value for money. Its sold over 350 million pieces worldwide and so, it was popular then and even now.


This family hatchback is popular to make the supermarket trips and school runs. Of course, if you wanted to drive across a picturesque coastal region, then no car beats the  Volkswagen Tiguan!


You can now go get your things from the mall or the grocery store with the luxuries spca on the indiase and the glamour of the outside.


With both size, and style the Tiguan is a  great amalgamation of ruggard toughness and design elegance at the same time.


The space is wide on the inside and has even two more booths at the back for extra seats. The middle seaters can move a tad ahead and viola, the back seaters have enough space to sit comfortably, unlike other SUVs were the space is crammed and not so welcoming. The boot at the back also has decent space for storage.


The fuel efficiency is appreciated, the gearbox is smooth. The interior is both elegant and comfortable. The panoramic sunroof does not make the passengers feel claustrophobic.


Automatic self-starter, climate control system, touch screen panel, CD player, SD card slots, compatible with Apple or Android phones, everything inside is well thought and kept up with the changes and customer demands.


The german engineer is at its best, so driving this car is a real pleasure. The cruise control is unmatched, it’s all bells and whistles when it's come for the security.


So you see the Volkswagen Tiguan is a complete package.




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