Alonso says leaving Ferrari "very difficult"

Fernando Alonso says the decision to split with Ferrari was "very difficult."

McLaren has yet to officially confirm Alonso's deal to come back to its team, but Alonso has finalized his own terms.

Although Alonso's relationship with Ferrari broke down over the summer, amid his overtures to rival teams and internal restructuring at Maranello, the double world champion said he was sad to be turning his back on the Scuderia after five seasons together.

"It is very difficult to close the door on Ferrari knowing that I will not work in this red color next year," Alonso said.

"But I miss being on the podium, I miss to celebrate with champagne, I miss to celebrate winning races, winning titles, and I think a new project for me will bring that possibility closer. Maybe not in one year's time, but in the future I have no doubts I will fight again."

Alonso said it would be tough for any team to topple the dominant Mercedes in 2015. "I think with the Mercedes form this year, it is going to be tough for any team to recover that gap," Alonso added. "But I hope to do better, and I hope to enjoy some battles, and podium positions, and a better performance."

Alonso does not entirely rule out rejoining the Italian team in the future.

"I went from Renault to McLaren, and then I went back to Renault; I come to Ferrari, maybe I come back to the team," Alonso said.

Posted by Lois R. Hughes 1/19/15

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