Car Racing- Lewis could Reach Schumacher’s Level

Fans of F1 know that it is hard to be as good as Schumacher is. You cannot easily accomplish the things he did, because he is one of the best racing drivers in the world.
Still according to Nigel Mansell things could change when it comes to Lewis Hamilton, because he thinks that Hamilton could actually reach Schumacher’s success and level.
Lewis Hamilton is only thirty years old, which is a big advantage and he recently signed a 3 year contract with Mercedes.
Lewis is currently someone you don’t wanna mess with, no matter how good you are, and many experts think that he can actually “replace” Schumacher.
Mansell said that he’s a huge fan of young Lewis and that everybody who knows him simply knows how much he adores him, so it is completely logical that he has high hopes of Hamilton.
You can see that Mansell is pretty optimistic when it comes to Hamilton’s success, because he knows that Mercedes are the best of the best.
He doesn’t think that challenging Schumacher’s record is easy, because it isn’t and he knows that Lewis has a long way to go, but still it is definitely achievable.
As we all know Mansell was one of the biggest racing drivers in the world so he definitely knows what he’s talking about, and it seems like he sees Hamilton as a kindred spirit, but he also knows that things have changed since the time he was famous, and that’s why he said that he cannot recognize the state of Formula 1.
He thinks that drivers today cannot express themselves in a right way, because there are too many engineers telling them how to drive.



Posted by Nate Wess 7/19/15

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