Knowing Chevrolet

General Motors has numerous automobile divisions but very few of them are as popular as Chevrolet. The brand is lovingly called as Chevy by the users. The brand was founded in the year 1911 by Louis Chevrolet and the founder of General Motors itself, William C. Durant. Ironically, Durant was later expelled from the company he had started. However, he used his new company, Chevrolet, to acquire a big stake in General Motors and led to the reverse merger in 1918. Because of his high stakes in GM, he became the president of the company again. Though, it did not last for too long as Durant was again ousted from GM. After his removal, the company started marketing the brand as the one for common people. They started manufacturing affordable cars that could be used for general purposes. Chevrolet went on to become the leading brand in terms of sales when it surpassed the sales of Ford’s T Model in the year 1919.


The brand Chevrolet is very popular all over the world. Across the globe they use the brand Chevrolet. However, there are certain exceptions. For instance, in Australia, this brand is sold by Holden, which is a subsidiary of GM. In the year 2005, Chevrolet started its sales operation in Europe again by the name GM Daewoo, their South Korean subsidiary. The plan was very clear. GM wanted to make Chevrolet the most popular global brand. When the acquisition of GM Daewoo was completed in 2011, the Daewoo brand was disbanded and the company started selling the cars with its own brand name – Chevrolet.

Posted by Andrea Moore 6/5/15

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