McLaren Chief Says Team Is Ready To Increase Engine Power

Despite the fact, that McLaren has not been able to earn any points in this season’s Formula One race championship, the team is happy with the performance and reliability of its MP4-30.

Eric Boullier, the Racing Chief of McLaren, told Autosport that he is very impressed with the progress that he has seen in China where both cars managed to finish the race. He went on to state that the cars had a “reliable package,” meaning that the unit which is powered by Honda is about to be unleashed in the competition.

"Now we can power up a little bit and we know the potential," Boullier said. "There's a lot of potential coming from this point. We have some new specs coming from Europe. In terms of the chassis as well, we'll keep bringing parts in Bahrain."

This news has been welcomed by both the McLaren team as well as their fans given that McLaren was forced to start of the season with the engine powered down so as to stay in line with the regulations which had been set by officials of formula One.

To make it great for the UK based F1 team and its fans is that they are expecting a bigger upgrade to arrive in Barcelona and with that Boullier expects that there will be noticeable improvements not “tenths by tenths but half a second by half a second.”

McLaren are looking at finishing in front of the middle pack in the coming races thanks to the additions that they have managed to make.

Posted by David Warner


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