Raikkonen Thinks that Ricciardo Deserved the Penalty

Kimi Raikkonen thinks that Daniel Riccardo deserved the penalty, because he made a cheeky move in order to grab fifth place in the Monaco Grand Prix.
The problem is that Ricciardo used his fresh tyres on Sunday because he obviously wanted to be better from his Formula One opponent and because he wanted to grab fifth place.
Even though Raikkonen was really upset because of this situation, he decided not to take any action over the incident, but he still thinks that what Daniel did was unfair and that he should have been penalized.
Kimi is still confused because he is not sure what someone can do or cannot do during the race, because sometimes you get punished and sometimes you don't.
He knows that usually when you do something as bad as Ricciardo did that there is a penalty, but obviously this time there was not.
Riccardo had pointed out to Monaco as his best shot, while on the other hand he hasn’t managed a result better than sixth in 2015, where he ended up sixth at the Australian Grand Prix in March and in Bahrain in April.
These are Monaco GP results:
1. Nico Rosberg- 1hr 49 min 18.420 sec
2. Sebastian Vettel- +4.486
3. Lewis Hamilton- 6.053
4. Daniil Kvyat- 11.965
5. Daniel Ricciardo- 13.608
6. Kimi Raikkonen- 14.345
7. Sergio Perez- 15.013
8. Jenson Button- 16.063
9. Felipe Nasr- 23.626
10. Carlos Sainz Jr.- 25.056
11. Nico Hulkenberg- 26.232
12. Romain Grosjean- 28.415
13. Marcus Ericsson- 31.159
14. Valtteri Bottas- 45.789
15. Felipe Massa- 1 lap
16. Roberto Merhi- 2 laps
17. Will Stevens- 2 laps



Posted by Emily Millen 6/28/15

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