Skill on public roads

It seems that Tyler Walker, a former NASCAR, has taken his skills to the public roads and has led the police in a high speed chase through multiple states. Tyler has pleaded guilty to the charges in a Utah court.

The incident is not a new one, the chase having took place in January 2013. The series of events started when a highway patrolman from Nevada caught Tyler driving with a speed of 150 mph. Before being apprehended the NASCAR driver crossed from Nevada into Utah and after that into Arizona; while on the way he evaded several blockades.

Although Tyler only participated in 28 NASCAR races and his best result was ninth at the Truck Series in 2007 it seems that he hasn’t lost his edge. The driver had been suspend the same year when it was discovered that he was using various substances thus violating NASCAR policy.

When confronted with the charges from 2013 which include not stopping for an officer, possession of drugs as well as three misdemeanors including DUI, Tyler pleaded guilty.

During his hearing Tyler Walker felt the need to apologize to all the people part of his feat, including the state officers and people on the road at that moment. He continued by saying that will take action to get rid of his addiction and get clean so other episodes like this will not occur in the future. After the hearing and taking in consideration his plea the final sentence will be issued in February 2015. Maybe after things will have cleared up he will find his place on the track again.

Posted by Michael Rivers 4/1/15

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