Who is Ray Evernham?

Ray Evernham is a man best known for his passion for automobiles. His interactions with race cars began at an early age of 15, and it never stopped. To date, Ray has received accolades for not only driving but designing top of the league race cars.

Ray has had an exciting career in motorsports. Driven by his passion, he has created for himself great opportunities in the racing and technology industries. Suffice it to say, Ray is a self-driven man.

In 1983, ray teamed up with two motorsport enthusiasts, Jay Signore and Roger Penske. Together, they worked to revive the Internal Race of Champions. It was during this period that Ray got the coveted opportunity to work side-by-side with some of the best racers in the world, such as Bill Elliot, Mario Andretti, and Darrel Waltrip.

Working with these racers gave Ray extensive experience as a team manager. He also learned the importance of working as a team and winning together. Ray says that these were priceless lessons which gave him a major boost in his career.

Doors of opportunities flung open for Ray and in 1993, he was offered a chance to work with Jeff Gordon, who was an upcoming driver. This dynamic duo worked at Hendrick Motorsports. Ray later took on the role of crew chief at NASCAR.

While working with Gordon, Ray won three championships. That’s not all. He also had 47 wins to his name in the NASCAR Cup series. In 2000, he was crowned the Crew Chief of the decade - a title that he truly deserved and had worked hard for.

Ray’s contribution to the motorsport world has been phenomenal. He has set high performance standards and left a big thumbprint that will inspire many motorsports enthusiasts for generations to come.





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