Mount your iPhone on your motorcycle

Here’s a gadget you can use while riding your bike - mount your iPhone on your motorcycle. Why and how to do it?

  • You can’t reach your pockets. Suppose you want to call someone and use your “hands free” to talk on the phone. Because you are wearing leathers, you can’t take out your phone out of your pocket or dial unless you pull over and stop. In this case, a phone mount will save you. Most of the new iPhones can be voice-activated and they can be wired directly to the headphones in your helmet.
  • Sometimes you need guidance. It is impossible to use the GPS without a phone mount. The phone is mounted in front of you, is voice-activated and the GPS voice will give you audio directions.
  • It’s safe. Your mounted iPhone is better protected than in your pocket. It can be disconnected and removed easily when you park the bike. There are dozens of different mounts on the market, each one suitable for a different kind of motorcycle. You can choose one that protects your phone against the rain, or one that will stop dirt and dust from getting on the screen.

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