Never be without the Tll00 TAC light

Made of plastic and metal, the T11 TAC light will provide you with ample light and security. It is a high powered, tactical flashlight made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It is shock resistant and water proof, so you can accidentally drop it in the river or a puddle and it’ll still hold up to scrutiny. It has three brightness modes, high medium and low light, a strobe setting (intermittent flashing), and an SOS mode (flashing emergency signals).

It has a built-in zoom function and extremely high-powered bulbs. They are 22 times brighter than the average flashlight, and provide a 2 nautical mile visibility.

It is highly portable, being 5.4 inches long, 1.6 inches wide. It is small enough to slip right into your pocket or handbag, the dashboard compartment of your car or truck, or anywhere it’s needed, so you can easily take it with you anywhere you go. It is similar to the flashlights used by elite military units, a knurling surface for a good grip and a tail tap switch ready to go.

Not only is it portable and powerful, it is incredibly energy efficient despite its high-powered functionality. The bulbs will last over 100,000 hours, so you can take these on trips out into the back country or on road trips across country. Wherever you go, the TAC light can go with you. You can’t have too many flashlights, and this one is a very good option to store in your camping kit.

It will come in handy when camping, hunting, long road trips when you have to change a tire at night or any other emergency situation.


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