The GearWrench Drive Gimbal Ratchet

When it comes to tools to services automobiles, workshops need to have those that are durable and reliable. Many tools are run-of-the-mill devices that do not deliver. Car mechanics and dealers have to face the challenge of finding the appropriate tools to get the cars serviced.

GearWrench is a company created in 1996 and since then has made elaborate tools for the automotive sector that are durable and of high quality. One featured tool is the drive gimbal ratchet.  GearWrench takes pride in being a leader in manufacturing such pieces. 


There must be a reason why these drive gimbal ratchets are leaders in the market.  What makes these pieces so coveted by the automotive mechanic are the following specifications:

  • They are elaborated with a chrome-steel alloy that guarantees zero corrosion.
  • Design of the gimbal allows it to pivot in two directions to allow an easier access.
  • Anodized aluminum finish.
  • The chrome finish makes them super easy to clean from oil and dust. 
  • 3/8 in drive
  • The lever has an easy-to-use lever mechanism.
  • 72-tooth ratcheting mechanism for a 5° swing arc

The super practical drive gimbal ratchet is also suitable for industrial applications as well.  The fact that it does not corrode guarantees a long-lasting life.  Its versatility allows it to reach areas that technicians would simply not be able to do using a standard ratchet.  

“Technicians often struggle with fastener removal when using a standard ratchet in tight spaces,” product manager for GearWrench Jim Stewart said.  “With the Gimbal Ratchet technicians can access and easily spin fasteners free. This new innovation will make life easier for technicians working under dashboards or in other confined spaces.”

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