The Velo Sport Off-Road tool kit

Never be without a proper tool again! With the Velo Sport Off-Road Tool Kit, you’ll have every tool you could possibly need at all times. If your travels take you off road searching for new paths and trails, this is the kit for you. It is a collection of high quality and durable essential tools and accessories designed to handle the worst of bike emergencies, conveniently stored in a heavy duty pouch.

It comes with:

·       8, 10, 12, 13 and 14mm wrenches

·       A spring puller

·       A 9-piece metric allen key set

·       A pair of tire irons

·       An air pressure gauge

·       Locking pliers

·       An adjustable wrench

·       A two-in-one spark plug socket

·       A six-in-one screwdriver

·       A six-in-one spoke wrench

·       A three-way T-handle with 8, 10 and 12mm sockets

·       A valve core remover and repair tool

·       A tire repair kit (including rubber cement, scuffer and patches)

·       An assortment of metric bolts

·       Zip ties

This kit is distributed by Ficeda Motorcycle Accessories in Australia, and makes the perfect gift for those motorcycle junkies, or anyone who just needs tools! The tools are packaged in a high quality, waist-mounted. This contains a complete, total range of tools for any possibly need for your trail side repairs. It even includes a tube repair kit.

The contents of this tool kit have been fine-tuned to the needs of off road vehicles and potentially motorcycles, which are perfectly complimented by a camo patterned pouch for an off road, woodsy look.



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