Tourmaster’s Cooling Leather Jacket

In the past, leather jacket enthusiasts and motorcyclists had to choose one that fits them preferably in black since there were hardly many options in the market other than brown, white, and racing red. However, as times changed, designers have looked into solving the heat issue and Tourmaster has a one-of-a-kind cooling leather jacket.

Tourmaster’s Element Jacket

This is definitely not the first leather jacket that incorporates technology in its design, but it is by far the best in the market at a very affordable price. Designers claim that it can handle both ends of the extreme weather spectrum by incorporating waterproof leather and water resistance. The jacket has TFL cooling leather treatment that reflects ultraviolet rays, and this reduces the temperature on the leather surface by up to 15%. The jacket is made from 1.1-1.2mm waterproof cowhide leather, and has Kevlar stretch panels located at the inner elbow to add mobility and comfort. It comes with an accompanying pair of pants and there is a 360o  8-inch jacket to pants zipper attachment.

The Tourmaster element jacket has removable CE-approved elbow and shoulder pads that incorporate an articulated triple density protector for your back. There is also an removable zip-out quilted lining that features a 100-gram Polyfil insulation in the body of the jacket and 50-gram in the sleeves. The jacket has an upper horizontal rear exhaust combined with shoulder vents for follow-through ventilation. It has adjustable waist straps that come with TPR pulls. It is one of the best designs on the market and many motorcycle riders as well as leather jacket enthusiasts are finding the reasons to purchase it.

It lacks waterproof zippers, but you will remain dry should you encounter rain. It would be necessary to carry appropriate rain gear if there is a storm brewing. Otherwise, the Tourmaster element jacket will keep you cool in high temperatures, and it is one of the best buys in the market today.

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