What is a pet palace?

Have your dog ride with you in style, in comfort and be completely safe. The Kuryakyn 4199 Pet Palace for motorcycles is the answer. It mounts on the luggage rack or the passenger seat of any motorcycle. It is made of durable water-resistant material and has an internal framework and a rigid bottom. The top window opens so that the dog can look around when the bike is at a standstill. It has a sturdy handle and can be used as a kennel at home or in a hotel. There are zippers on the top and bottom to make cleaning an easy chore. It comes complete with a comfy liner that is washable, a leash, 2 dog dishes, adjustable straps for attaching it to the motorcycle and 4 stakes to secure it to the ground if you stop for a picnic or a rest. It has pockets to store small amounts of food, treats, and a water bottle. The size is 18.5 inches long x 15 inches wide x 13 inches high. Not only can it be used on a motorcycle, it is perfect for the back seat of a car as it can be secured with the seatbelt. Its size and light weight makes it a perfect way to transport your dog in the cabin of an airplane with you. It will easily fit under the seat in front of you within your sight and reach.

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