Wind Management with the AGV Pista Project Helmet

The AGV Pista GP is AGV's take on a top-quality helmet – the sort of product aimed at those who want nothing but the best track helmet money can buy.

Designed with the help of numerous MotoGP riders, including Valentino Rossie himself, the AGV Pista GP is unlike any other helmet. For one, it was designed from the inside out instead of the other way around. This allows for the helmet to not only have the most comfortable fit but also to ensure riders are as safe as possible when wearing this helmet.

Of course, it has the price tag to go along with its quality. Selling for a little over $1,500 USD, the AGV Pista GP is nothing to scoff at, both in terms of its features or its price.

The AGVP Pista GP has near-unparalleled aerodynamics. The shape of the helmet allows it to cut through air unlike any other, reducing drag, and giving you that extra bit of speed that you need to get ahead. That's not all. Where others sacrifice other aspects to minimize drag, the AGV Pista Project helmet is able to do so while minimizing buffeting so riders do not feel as strained when on the track and are still able to see clearly even at top speeds.

The ultra-wide visor uses the XQRS Extra Quick Release system for ease of use for its 3.3mm thick class 1 visor and being a racer helmet, it is tear-off ready. Perhaps the best part is that you can lock the visor to stop dirt from getting inside your helmet if you do end up on the ground.

Lightweight, with excellent aero and all-around-vision, the AGV Pista GP is certainly one built for the track. If you do most of your riding on the track and want to get that extra edge against other racers, the AGV is well worth taking a look at.

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