Johnny Lewis Teaches Flat Track Racing

These days, it's all about efficiency. Even in education, it's all about condensing many years of lessons into a few days or weeks. It works. Apparently, John Lewis knows this too, which is why he decided to hold Flat Track Racing lessons for interested individuals that are less than a week long but incorporate years of lessons learned from Lewis' racing experience.

In five full days, Johnny Lewis will personally teach students the basics of Flat Track racing. This includes proper lining technique and how to dive into corners, proper body positions, breaking, and a whole lot more.

Johnny Lewis is a natural at what he is doing. He has a way with people regardless of age. He can sense their attitude, temperament, and style. He then adjusts accordingly to his students. Though five days may not seem like nearly enough to have the basics of flat track racing down pat, it is.

In five days, you'll learn most of that there is to know about flat track racing and then some. In fact, what probably is the hardest part of the training is how long it takes to build muscle memory. In racing, you don't rely just on your brain; you rely on your formative instincts, something that you can form and sharpen with constant practice.

The best part about this all is the experience is authentic. The school will not hold your hand all throughout. You'll be using the same bikes as the teachers, which makes for a great and scary experience all at the same time.

The goal of the flat track racing school is to teach the basics to people who are interested in it by making it more accessible to them in hopes of growing the sport in the coming years.

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