Different Types Of Car Racing Taking Place Today

Car racing is a popular sport, and many are passionate about this sport. There are different kinds of car racing that takes place across the globe. These include rally racing, ice racing, single-seater racing, touring car racing, stock car racing, sports car racing, drag racing, kart racing and many more to mention. Rally racing is one of the most popular types of car racing. Rallying mainly involves racing in the off-road areas where driving is restricted for general people. Drivers and co-drivers rally and explore the track before reaching a particular point.
Another famous motor sports is single-seater racing and these are carried out on specially designed high-speed cars. These are mainly open-wheel cars and have better adhesion to the track. On the other hand, ice racing takes place in frozen lakes or snow, and therefore, the race generally takes place at higher altitudes. These cars have tires in full rubber and studded for providing better grip and adhesion. The touring car racing is comparatively slower than the sports car racing in the single-seater. Stock car racing is also quite similar to tourist, and is an American version.
Sports car racing takes place in a closed circuit, and have purpose-built cars to compete with each other. The race is designed particularly for long distances, and involves more than one driver switching from time to time.  Off road racing are meant for races in the off-road. Motor enthusiasts generally start his career with kart racing. The tracks are small and the karts used are different from the normal.



Posted by Eli Watts 7/4/15

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