Latest Condition of Michael Schumacher

If one goes by the media reports, Michael Schumacher is making progress albeit a slow one. He is undergoing treatment in Lausanne hospital, Switzerland and his family stays close monitoring his progress every day.

Michael Schumacher crawling back to consciousness from the induced coma was nothing short of a miracle. Doctors had predicted that he had a little chance of recovering after sustaining a head injury in the Swiss Alps.

Post being conscious the doctors told the world that Michael Schumacher may not regain his cognitive abilities even again. He may have to spend the rest of his life as an invalid. But the world is waiting with bated breath for another miracle. Since it is unthinkable given the fact that the man is considered to be the greatest F1 driver of all times .One can only hope to see Schumacher waving at the crowds post his complete recovery.

Michael Schumacher’s fans and well wishers should continue praying with a hope that they might receive news of his complete recovery. They are only waiting to hear that the speedster is truly on the road to recovery.

His condition is also taking a toll on his family especially Corinna who has steadfastly stood by her husband. The expensive treatment is being sponsored by the Mercedes team.

As per the latest reports, Schumacher is communicating with his eyes and wife Corinna has stated that he would get better as “Michael is a fighter”. Sources say that if all things go well, Schumacher may well be able to celebrate Christmas with his family.

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