NASCAR: Safety modifications

The NASCAR news has been taken over by safety issues, minding both the drivers and the tracks. As a result to the rumors and beliefs about the lack of safety that is now representing the NASCAR races, more and more racetracks have taken measures. One after the other, they have announced serious safety changes.

All this was especially triggered by the tragic accident Kyle Busch went through at Daytone recently. Busch has fortunately survived the casualty that took place in February. Sadly, he broke his right leg and left foot. The crash into the concrete wall might have scarred his racing career forever. 

Organization wise, the incident has  stimulated industry-wide inspections meant to check whether or not the walls at most tracks provide enough protection to help prevent an injury. Texas Motor Speedway has set an example, providing the tire barriers with 250 feet more material, making them bigger and ultimately safer, preparing for the NASCAR’ visit next week. 600 feet of safer barrier will be added by Bristol Motor Speedway to the front and backstretch outside walls weeks before the scheduled race on April 19. In order to reduce barriers to pit-in and pit-out walls, Michigan Internation Speedway will be adding the steel-and-foam energy reducing barriers. Also, tire packs are going to be installed at the angled was inside the first turn before NASCAR’s visit programmed in June.

Posted by Scotty larkins 5/27/15



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