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The use of manual work has been limited since the creation of automotive machines. Currently automotive machines are not used for a specific purpose, its usages are covered almost every aspects of life. Now people are more acquainted in using automotive machines rather than using man power.   Here we will find more automotive machines than before. And home is not an exception.  You are using automotive machines in our day-to-day life without signifying its presence.
You will find washing machines; water purifier, electronic cooking machines, washing machines, toaster and many more commonly used automotive machines in an average family.
Why do people prefer to use automotive machines?
•    Easy to access:  These machines are easily accessible and its operating system is simple
•    Less time-consuming: Modern society is very past.  Here people do not have enough time for manual work. Automotive machines work best for them as those are less time-consuming and also do not demand more attention for maintenance
•    Gives good result: These machines give satisfying result.
Is automotive machine minimizing manual power?
This question is there since automotive machines have gained its importance in everyone’s life. In some cases the answer is yes. Because now people are getting more dependent on machines and the need to talk to family or to anyone has reduced since dependency factor has lost its significance in current society. But irrespective of this fact no one can deny that automotive machines work best for managing time.




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