Automotive Machines and Manual Work

Before the creation of automotive machines people were solely dependent on manual work. It was like live life by the efforts of your hand. But the trend has changed with the invention of automotive machines. Though this creation has reduced the burden of manual work but it has also initiated some serious questions regarding its importance and usability and its comparison with manual work or man power.
Comparison between machine and man power
•    By using machine people save time but lose the precious contact that is the requirement of a healthy life
•    We save time for a better cause just like for a better job and for a better career option but lose the opportunity to do any physical work that is important for maintaining a healthy and energetic body
•    And that ultimately lead to laziness, acute health problems and chronic diseases
On work level
•    After the use of automotive machines the importance of manual work  has reduced
•    Now machines are getting more work than laborer that leaves the workers jobless
•    Because of its easy accessibility and simple using system these machines are  more preferable and getting more popularity
Every invention has a purpose and also has negative impacts. But automotive machines’ positive results are more than negative. It serves various purposes and fills different needs of life. Undoubtedly it reduces the importance of manual work but at the time it helps to meet and to cooperate with the demands life.




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