Best Wax for your car

There are many types of car waxes that can deliver an excellent shine and a smooth surface. If you want to know which should you opt for your vehicle, then keep on reading. 

Liquid Car Wax
This is the most known car wax that offers benefits such as ease of use, durability and shine. Of course, the wax might dry slow, give off a fake glassy finish, but you can still rely on it. 

Paste Car Wax
Professionals make use of the paste car wax to buff in and get a sparkling shine on the car surface. However, this wax shine lasts for less time and needs to be reapplied within a few weeks of first application. 

Spray Car Wax
As the name makes it obvious, a spray car wax is not only convenient to do, but also delivers an even surface of wax on the surface, making it easy to get a luster. Moreover, it dries off pretty quickly. 


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