Ferrari 488 GTB

The Ferrari 458 is one of the best cars in the world! But, it must be modified and improved. The new version is called 488 GTB. It has a new turbocharger and a smaller engine. Aerodynamics is also improved. As always, Ferrari used its Formula 1 skill to improve this model.

Engine is 3.9L, turbocharged, V8. It is completely new, downsized engine, with low on emissions and more power! Thanks to it, 488 has 661BHP at 8000rpm and 561 lb.ft.of torque. The common problem of all turbocharged engines is ‘’turbo lag’’. It means that on certain rpms, after putting the throttle pedal down, you must wait a few seconds in order to car start accelerating. According to the Ferrari's Chief Technical Officer, Michael Leiters, this engine has the same performance as the naturally aspirated engine and it hasn’t turbo lag. Thanks for completely new turbo, 488 has throttle response of just 0.8 seconds, at 2000 RPM in third gear.

Sprint from 0-62ph (0-100km/h) takes only 3 seconds and the top speed is 205 mph (330km/h). After just 8.3 seconds new 488 will reach 124 mph (200km/h)! Variable Torque Management is used for better acceleration. This car will reach its maximum torque in fourth gear. It needs only 6 seconds for that! While you are cornering, a new Side Slip Control System will boost acceleration by 12%! The Ferrari 488 has new dumpers, which are controlled by the new ECU (faster than on 458), and three more sensors, mounted on the body. Electronic Stability Control is also redesigned, so now it is 8% quicker. Beside this power and performance it has fuel economy of 24.8 mpg, which isn’t bad at all!


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