How to Replace a Valve Cover Gasket

All cars have valves. They are located at the top of the engine. Car engine uses them to suck the fuel, air and to exhaust gasses. Because they are at the top of an engine, they have a valve cover. This is a metal part that should protect valves and a camshaft. Between the valve cover and the engine block is a gasket. It is always exposed to heat and oil, so eventually, you will have to replace it. In order to do this, you need a new gasket. Make sure that the gasket you have bought is for your car engine.
1.    The first step is to locate a valve cover. If your car has a V engine, you will have two valve covers. If the car engine is straight 4, 6 or etc., you have just one.
2.    Clean the valve cover. You shouldn’t allow any dust or dirt to get into the engine.
3.    Remove screws that hold the valve cover in place. Some, old, cars have a metal wire that holds the valve cover in place.
4.    Remove the valve cover. You will see that gasket is damaged or it isn’t soft any more.
5.    Clean both surfaces. This is an important step. If you don’t clean both surfaces, oil leak is possible. Use products designed just for this. You can even use gasoline. These surfaces cannot be oily, they must be clean.
6.    Place the new gasket.
7.    Put the valve cover back and secure it with screws. Don’t tighten screws too much because you can damage a valve cover or the engine block.




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