Hyundai aims for nearly 5% of U.S. sales growth

Japanese automaker, Hyundai Motor Corporation is looking forward to increase its US sales by 4.7 percent this year, in spite of consumers shift to SUV’S and pickups. Its aim is already considered ahead of the industry's projected growth rate.

It’s been shown that US consumers are not afraid to enjoy spacious vehicles, which are less fuel-efficient, because they are taking fully advantage of low fuel prices. So, they can afford buying and using larger cars, like the Hyundai’s Electra, one of the automaker’s mainstay sedans, which raised the co.’s sales enough to make it aim even bigger. Establishing a new record last year, of 725,718 sold vehicles, this time, the Japanese automaker aims to increase its US sales to 760,000 automobiles. Considering that there is no time to waste, Hyundai is in talks with the state of Alabama to build a new assembly line next to its current line in Alabama. Their whole base lies on the production of SUVs, which will increase in April 2017, when their facilities will start applying their potential even more than now. Their fresh start is also seen through Chung Mong-koo, Hyundai Motor Group chairman, who left for the US an Mexico today, in order to visit factories and design centers, during the next 5 days.

Having the necessary potential, it’s to be seen if Hyundai will manage to fulfill their plans for this year.


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