Kia recalls their Soul model in the U.S. for accelerator problem

Kia Motors Corporation is recalling their Soul car model in the United States. The reason for that is problem with acceleration pedal. According to some tests, it can break or bend! More than 200.000 cars will have to go to the Kia’s services.

The exact number of recalling cars is 208.858. They are electric and petrol powered Soul models for 2010/2015 year. All of them have acceleration glitch, which can lead to car accidents! Luckily, none of those cars were involved in any car accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this glitch is increasing the chances for crushes, so it must be fixed. They also announced that during the last year, Kia Motor America, found two broken acceleration pedals! Both of them were sent to South Korea for testing and evaluation. Until now, 12 owners of Soul models, reported warranty claims for this problem.

Owners will get free supporting rubber, underneath the pedal, which should solve the problem. This was also announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration! Kia Motors Corporation is still without comments. The only problem with this recalling is its beginning. The owners of those cars can go to the Kia’s services from 24th March, where their problem should be solved.
This is the common problem with the new cars. Manufacturers simply don’t have enough time to properly test their new models! As the result of that, almost every car manufacturer was recalling some of their models in the past 10-15 years. Even some of the world’s best car manufacturers including Mercedes, Toyota and General Motors, were recalling some of their car models.


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