Lincoln Continental is back

Car manufacturer, Lincoln, announced that they will start making a new model with a Continental name. This car should have a split-wing grille, as its signature. The Lincoln Continental, a full-size sedan will be available on the market in 2016. The first places where this car will appear are North America and China. As you may know, many manufacturers pay a lot of attention to the Chinese market, because it is fast growing. Lincoln will stop making MKS, which has very slow selling rates.

The Continental will be powered by a 3.0 liter V6 Eco Boost engine. It will have a trapezoid-shaped grille. Although, it has the same dimensions as the MKS model, Continental has more space inside. The accent is put on space on rear seats, because Chinese customers pay a lot of attention to this part of a car. Many manufacturers are making cars with more space on rear seats, just for the Chinese market. Currently there are no information will Continental have front or rear wheel drive.

The Continental is fully developed under the David Woodhouse, a design chief that joined Lincoln a two years ago. He had a minor part in developing the MKX, a crossover that will be on the market this fall. At the beginning, this car shouldn’t have a Continental name. It has an ordinary design, which wasn’t able to make some interesting reactions. When the executives from Ford said that it will have the Continental name, it was a pivotal moment. Designers had to achieve higher expectations in order to make this car worthy of its name. It looks they succeed. A new Continental looks really amazing and luxurious.


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