Maintenance For a Bio Diesel Car

If your car runs on bio diesel, you will have to know about certain changes in the maintenance. There are a lot of new parts that are built into the car. Although, the maintenance isn’t changed drastically, there are some requirements that each bio diesel car needs. Also, you should know that if you modify your car to run on bio diesel, your warranty is no longer applicable.
You must know that you cannot pour straight vegetable oil into the gas tank. It must be converted with the SVO kit or you can use bio diesel. Bio diesel is modified through several chemical processes and several chemicals are added, so it burns cleaner and leaves less deposits. The best type of vegetable oil you can find is canola oil. Also, the best source of vegetable oil are Chinese restaurants.
If you have an older car, it means that it has rubber seals and hoses. You must replace them with synthetic seals and hoses, before you convert it to bio diesel car.
Vegetable oil must be warm in order to be used by your car. This means that you will have to warm up your car every time you want to go somewhere. A smart decision is to use a tank or parking heaters. They are not needed in California or some other state where the climate is warm. But, if you live is a place where withers are cold, you need them.
Because you don’t have a warranty on your car, you must find a good mechanic. The rest of the maintenance is the same as on a conventional car. There are no differences.




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