Mercedes G-Wagen Latest Victim In China's Clone Wars

Not so long ago Land Rover was forced to come to terms with the fact that it will be selling its Range Rover Evoque alongside Land Wind X7, a half priced Chinese Clone of the Evoque and it seems like Mercedes-Benz are going to be the latest car manufacturer to undergo a similar story.

Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. has just unveiled its very own version of the popular western SUV, opting to go with the classic look of Mercedes-Benz G class.

The relationship between BAIC and Daimler AG differs with that of Jiangling Holding Co., the company that was behind the Land Wind X7 model, and Jaguar Land Rover in that Daimer AG has a 12% stake in BAIC, and last month, the China-based company announced that it will be  taking a 35% stake in Mercedes-Benz Leasing Co., a Chinese subsidiary of Daimler that usually leases out its vehicles to private owners as well as business men who are in main land China as well as its territories.

Still reports indicate that executives of Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart were not very happy with the move that BAIC had taken.

According to, Mercedes Benz Executives tried their best so as to ensure that BAIC does not go on with its intended plan when they were made aware of the situation, but they were unlucky with their quest as BAIC still got what it wanted.

Just as the Evoke and the Land Wind, the resemblance between Mercedes Benz’s G-Wagen and BAIC’S BJ80C can clearly be seen, the only difference is that with the G-Wagen you receive a V-8 under the hood. That said BAIC has copied everything from the G-Wagen even how its designed on its interior. 


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