Opel, Renault, and Ford are in a battle for the second place in Europe

Renault and Opel are trying to replace Ford from the second place as the European most selling car. Last year they ended: Ford no. 2, Opel no. 3 and Renault no. 4. It is expected that Renault will increase its sale and replace the Opel at the 3rd place, according to the IHS Automotive prediction.

Renault is launching high-volume cars much more than any other European car manufacturer, and it is expected that their sales will grow in the next year. Although they succeed to increase sales, the price of the cars stayed the same, and that is very good for the customers and for the investors. In 2014, they increased sales to 9% (more than any other European manufacturer), Ford increased 5% and Opel 7%.

Because Opel doesn’t have the benefits of the Asian market, they will probably lose their 3rd place as a European car manufacturer. Although they launched many brands new models (Corsa subcompact, Karl, Zafira and etc.), real progress can be made only in 2016, when they will get benefits from the Asian market.

Ford is launching new Vigale trim line cars and the new Mustang. But probably the most expected car is new Mondeo. They say it is the most technologically advanced car, Ford has ever launched in Europe, and they are expecting to sell 90.000-100.000 units per year. The new Mondeo will be the first Ford hybrid model (gasoline engine and the electric motor in the same car).

Ford and Opel are counting on the UK market because they have 13%/11% share of this market, where there is detected growth in car sales. In the rest of the Europe, they have 7% of the market share.


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