Sony Looking To Penetrate Automotive Industry to Boost Profits

Brace yourself for another Tech giant which is looking at joining the world of automotive.

Following announcements by Apple and Google that they will be joining automotive industry Sony has also followed suit with reports indicating that the tech giant is working on snagging a piece of the automotive industry.

It is good to note that Sony will not be making any cars as Apple and Google will be doing but they are planning on translating gadget expertise into creation of cars sensors as well as other peripherals.
According to the manager of Japan component forecasts at HIS Automotive Mr. Hiroshi Ataka, the introduction of Sony into the automotive world should not come as a surprise as it is now the in thing for many tech companies.

"it's a big trend. A lot of electronics companies are expecting growth from automotive. Their traditional products have become commodity products," he said.

Sony’s CEO, Kazuo Hirai, confirmed the reports. While speaking to Automotive news, Hirai was quoted saying that said that, "This growing automotive segment has enormous potential. We're aiming to take a leading position."

According to reports it is believed that Sony will most likely be more like Bosch or Denso as opposed to Honda, so you never know you might just be on a car that has sensors which have been created by Sony or even they may end up brining other innovations in the table that might surprise you altogether. Let’s face it Sony is a huge Tech company and wowing us with new technology is not a farfetched idea.


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