What is The History Behind The Term?

The term automotive was created from Greek autos meaning self and Latin motives meaning of motion. As a whole the term means to represent any form of self-powered vehicle. Before 1890s there was no use of automotives. People used to move from one place to another place either by horse ride or by horse carriage. Apart from these the only option opened to them was walking. In the desert areas camel was use for locomotion. In the villages cart-ride was available. In 1890’s the automotive industries came into existence. The first automotive was the horseless carriage. For many decades, the United Sates led the world in total automobile production. Safety is one of the key features that must undergo in the production of automotives. The industries that are involved with the manufacturer and production of locomotives are very much cautious about the safety of the employees. Here safety means safety on all grounds. Here in the automotive industries safety implies the protection from any risk, danger, damage or cause of injury. Safety in the automotive industries is very important and essential and therefore it is highly regulated. The safety of the employees are always looked by the industry owner and the members those who are the part of the management department. Many protective measures are taken by the employees those who deal with the manufacturing and building of the automotives. The industries of USA are very much advance in the use of technology. For this upgraded technology the automotive industries are ruling the other automotive industries of the world. The USA automotive industries provide better safety and benefits to the employees.




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